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A Visual Guide to Cloud Native Security Challenges

Security industry reports are great at providing necessary context around complex topics. We read plenty of them at Signal Sciences because they provide insight on the discussion around important topics that concern our customers. Ultimately, reports are barometers for which way the wind is blowing regarding topics like the root causes of breaches and the effective means to fortify your security posture to detect and prevent the next attack.

However, visuals combined with select words can tell the same story—faster.

Signal Sciences, along with Duo Security and Capsule8, contributed to the “The State of Cloud Native Security” report, which contains survey results and key takeaways around understanding the security challenges and opportunities of the shift toward cloud native applications in production environments.

We just published an infographic to provide key high-level findings to help save you some time in reading the report and gain a better understanding about how your peers are navigating the security challenges of the journey to cloud native. These highlights collectively show that organizations recognize the security issues cloud native applications present—but there are solutions, namely Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), that can help stop application layer attacks with our patented module-agent architecture.

More organizations than ever are designing their apps as “cloud native” from inception: as we recently wrote in a prior blog about the Cloud Native Security Report, 60% of companies today have adopted cloud native as their default when they design, build, and deploy their applications. However, security concerns about lack of threat visibility and the resulting damage from a successful attacks remain as DevOps teams accelerate the development and deployment of cloud native applications.

Consider this graphic a quick visual walkthrough of those security challenges both C-level and front-line security staff must navigate successfully on the journey to cloud native. We encourage you to see for yourself how you can meet the cloud native security challenges with our patented technology that automates web application security.


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