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Fastly + Signal Sciences

The future of security at the edge.

Fastly and Signal Sciences have joined forces to transform the security landscape. We are on a mission to build the next generation of web application and API protection.
The Future of Fastly is Secure.

Protect Your Applications and APIs Across Any Infrastructure

The Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) provides web application and API protection, RASP, rate limiting, bot protection and DDoS purpose built to eliminate the challenges of legacy WAF.


Blocking That Works

~90% of customers in full blocking mode.


High Performance & Scalable

90,000+ apps protected.


Deploys Anywhere

Supports 100+ cloud native and datacenter platforms.


The Modern Solution to Web Application and API Protection

Next-Gen WAF
Next-Gen WAF
Complete protection for your Apps and APIs
Easy to install Runtime Application Self-Protection
Bot Protection
Bot Protection
Prevent bad bots from performing malicious actions
Advanced Rate Limiting
Advanced Rate Limiting
Control the amount of requests from potential threats
API Protection
API Protection
Stop unauthorized access to your APIs and microservices
ATO Protection
ATO Protection
Stop account takeover and credential stuffing
Block Denial-of-Service attacks
Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) Platform
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The World’s Top Companies Trust Our Next-Gen WAF

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Shield Quotes

“We were really impressed with how easy deployment went. Dropping the Fastly Next-Gen WAF into our existing highly-available architecture with minimal effort was critical to the project’s success.”

Nick Soulliere

Nick Soulliere, VP of Production Engineering

Modernize Your Application/API Protection While Lowering Your TCO

Legacy WAFs weren’t designed for today’s web apps that are distributed across cloud, on-premise, edge or hybrid environments. Our next-gen web application firewall (NGWAF) and runtime application self protection (RASP) increase security and maintain reliability without sacrificing velocity, all at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Delivering Mission-Critical Application Protection for Global Industries

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